Fermob Outdoor Furniture

French flair meets outdoor functionality with Fermob furniture. Founded in 1953, this iconic French brand has carved a niche for itself with its vibrant metal furniture, transforming balconies, patios, and gardens into delightful pockets of joy.

From Iron Gates to Colorful Creations

The Fermob story began in a rather unassuming way – with iron gates. Founded in 1914, the company initially focused on metalworking. However, in 1953, the founder’s son, Frédéric Maier, decided to shift gears. Inspired by the burgeoning post-war desire for leisure and outdoor living, he ventured into the realm of garden furniture. This marked the birth of the now-famous Fermob aesthetic – a fusion of classic design with a pop of color.

Durable Design with a Playful Spirit

Fermob furniture is instantly recognizable for its use of high-quality sheet steel. This not only makes the pieces robust and weatherproof but also allows for the brand’s signature feature – a kaleidoscope of colors. From sunny yellows and fiery oranges to calming blues and sophisticated greys, there’s a Fermob hue to suit every taste and outdoor space.

Timeless Classics and Modern Innovations

Fermob’s commitment to design extends beyond color. The brand boasts a collection of timeless pieces that have become synonymous with outdoor living. The Bistro Metal folding chair, for instance, is a design icon, instantly recognizable with its simple yet elegant silhouette.

However, Fermob isn’t afraid to embrace innovation. Collaborations with renowned designers have resulted in collections like the Surprising Lounger armchair with footstool by Harald Guggenbichler, which showcases a modern take on relaxation.

Beyond Seating: A Complete Outdoor Oasis

Fermob’s offerings go beyond just chairs and tables. The brand boasts a comprehensive collection of outdoor furniture, encompassing everything you need to create a functional and stylish outdoor haven. Sun loungers for poolside relaxation, serving trolleys for effortless entertaining, and even chic coat stands – Fermob has it all.

Built to Last: An Investment in Outdoor Living

Fermob furniture is designed to withstand the elements. The sheet steel construction is treated with a UV-resistant powder lacquer, ensuring the colors stay vibrant for years to come. Additionally, the use of weatherproof fabrics for seating ensures your comfort won’t be compromised by the elements.

While Fermob furniture might represent a slightly higher initial investment compared to some mass-produced options, its durability and timeless design make it a worthwhile choice. After all, you’re not just buying furniture; you’re investing in creating a beautiful and inviting outdoor space that will bring you joy for years to come.

A Touch of French Joie de Vivre for Your Backyard

Fermob furniture is more than just metal and paint. It’s an embodiment of the French spirit of joie de vivre – a celebration of life’s simple pleasures. With its vibrant colors, classic designs, and focus on functionality, Fermob helps you transform your outdoor space into a place for relaxation, connection, and creating lasting memories. So, ditch the drab and embrace the colorful with Fermob – your backyard oasis awaits.