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Sutherland Outdoor Furniture

For those who cherish the opportunity to extend their living space to the outdoors, Sutherland furniture offers a luxurious and sophisticated solution. Renowned for its unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless designs, Sutherland has been a leading name in outdoor furniture for over 60 years.

A Legacy of Quality

Sutherland’s story begins in 1948, when the company emerged with a focus on wrought-iron furniture. Over the decades, they’ve meticulously honed their craft, incorporating a variety of premium materials like teak, stainless steel, and powder-coated aluminum. Each piece is a testament to meticulous attention to detail, ensuring not only beauty but also enduring strength and weather resistance.

Designs for Every Desire

Sutherland’s furniture collections encompass a wide range of aesthetics, catering to diverse tastes. Whether you envision a mid-century modern retreat or a classic and elegant patio, there’s a Sutherland design to perfectly complement your vision.

  • Deep Seating Collection: This collection embodies a mid-century modern aesthetic, with clean lines and a focus on natural materials like teak. Imagine a comfortable three-seater sofa and relaxing chairs arranged around a coffee table, creating an inviting outdoor living room.
  • Teak and Rope Collection: The warmth of teak is beautifully complemented by the textural contrast of woven rope in this collection. This combination exudes a relaxed and inviting ambiance, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Beyond the Expected

Sutherland goes beyond simply crafting exceptional furniture. They understand that outdoor living is about creating an experience. Their comprehensive collections also include:

  • Luxurious Fabrics: In collaboration with Perennials, Sutherland offers a selection of premium performance fabrics specifically designed for outdoor use. These fabrics are not only stylish but also resistant to fading, staining, and mildew, ensuring long-lasting beauty.
  • Elegant Accessories: From ottomans and throws to outdoor rugs and serving trays, Sutherland offers a curated selection of accessories that tie your outdoor space together, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Investing in Comfort and Style

Sutherland furniture is undoubtedly an investment. The premium materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and timeless designs ensure pieces that will grace your outdoor space for years to come. Owning Sutherland furniture is about more than just having somewhere to sit; it’s about creating a luxurious and comfortable sanctuary where you can relax, entertain, and connect with nature.

Finding Your Perfect Sutherland Oasis

Sutherland furniture is not available for direct purchase on their website, but rather through a network of authorized retailers. To find a Sutherland dealer near you, you can visit their website or search online. With a little planning and exploration, you can find the perfect Sutherland pieces to transform your outdoor space into a haven of comfort, style, and sophistication.

In Conclusion

Sutherland furniture is the epitome of luxury outdoor living. Their commitment to quality, design excellence, and comprehensive collections ensures that you can create a stylish and inviting outdoor space that reflects your taste and allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. So, if you’re looking to elevate your patio or backyard into an extraordinary oasis, look no further than Sutherland furniture.

Roda Outdoor Furniture

For decades, the divide between indoor and outdoor living has been clear. Interiors received the lion’s share of design attention, while exteriors were relegated to functional afterthoughts. But visionary Italian brand Roda is blurring those lines, crafting exquisite outdoor furniture that transforms patios and terraces into luxurious extensions of the home.

Roda’s philosophy centers around the belief that outdoor design deserves the same meticulous care and consideration as interior design. Their pieces aren’t just furniture; they’re elements that cultivate a complete living experience. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality and a sensitive, sophisticated taste, Roda’s collections weave a cohesive thread between indoors and outdoors.

Luxury Redefined: Materials and Design

Roda’s dedication to quality is evident in their meticulous selection of materials. They favor natural textures and tones that harmonize with the surrounding environment. Teak, iron, glass, and stone provide a foundation of strength and durability, while weather-resistant fabrics and woven elements add pops of comfort and personality.

The design aesthetic leans towards sophisticated minimalism with a cosmopolitan flair. Think clean lines, uncluttered forms, and a focus on functionality. Roda collaborates with renowned designers to create pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly comfortable. From plush lounge chairs to expansive dining tables, every detail is meticulously considered to foster relaxation and connection.

A Collection for Every Oasis

Roda offers a comprehensive range of furniture to suit any outdoor space, big or small. Their collections encompass everything from dining and living sets to sun loungers, hammocks, and rocking chairs.

Here’s a glimpse into some of their signature ranges:

  • Network: This modular collection embodies the essence of Roda’s philosophy. Featuring sleek sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables, Network allows for endless configuration possibilities, perfect for creating personalized outdoor living rooms.
  • Harp: Defined by its elegant, harp-shaped armrests, the Harp collection offers a touch of contemporary luxury. Deep seating and plush cushions ensure ultimate comfort, while the weather-resistant wicker material adds a touch of natural texture.
  • Brick: For those who love to host, the Brick collection offers a beautiful selection of extendable tables crafted from premium teak. Perfect for al fresco dining experiences, these tables can be adapted to accommodate any size gathering.

Beyond Furniture: A Commitment to Sustainability

Roda’s dedication extends beyond aesthetics and functionality. They prioritize sustainability throughout their production process. They utilize certified materials and implement eco-friendly practices to minimize their environmental impact. This commitment to environmental responsibility reflects in the enduring quality of their furniture, ensuring pieces that will grace outdoor spaces for years to come.

A World of Roda

Whether you’re seeking a complete outdoor living room setup or a statement sun lounger, Roda offers a world of possibilities. Their dedication to quality, design, and sustainability ensures furniture that elevates your outdoor space, transforming it into an oasis of relaxation, connection, and effortless style.

To explore the complete Roda universe and find the perfect pieces to bring your outdoor vision to life, visit their website or browse collections from authorized retailers.

Fendi Casa’s Outdoor Furniture

Fendi Casa, the luxury furniture brand of the iconic fashion house Fendi, has extended its renowned design expertise to the outdoors. Their outdoor furniture collection, crafted by renowned designers, seamlessly blends timeless Italian elegance with modern functionality, creating an oasis of comfort and style in your garden or terrace.

Designed for Alfresco Living

The mastermind behind Fendi Casa’s outdoor collection is Piero Lissoni, a name synonymous with contemporary Italian design. Lissoni’s vision for the collection is to elevate the concept of outdoor living, transforming patios and terraces into luxurious extensions of your home. The furniture is meticulously crafted to withstand the elements while retaining the brand’s signature opulent aesthetic.

Natural Materials, Exquisite Details

A hallmark of the Fendi Casa outdoor collection is its use of natural materials. Rare bamboo takes center stage, its warm tones and organic textures adding a touch of earthy elegance. The bamboo frames are meticulously bound with bronze hinges etched with the iconic FF logo, a subtle yet unmistakable brand signature.

Comfort is paramount, with cushions upholstered in luxurious yet durable natural hemp fabrics. The neutral tones of the hemp complement the bamboo beautifully, creating a sense of understated luxury. Further enhancing the natural theme, the collection is completed with a water-resistant raffia rug, adding a touch of Italian coastal flair.

The Fendi Casa Outdoor Collection: Pieces for Every Space

The Fendi Casa outdoor furniture collection boasts a curated selection of pieces designed to create a complete outdoor living space. Relax in style on the plush Kathy seating system, designed by the award-winning duo Palomba Serafini. This modular system allows for flexible arrangement, perfect for intimate gatherings or larger soirées.

For a more intimate setting, the Ohe armchair, also by Lissoni, offers a sculptural elegance. Crafted from the same beautiful bamboo, the Ohe armchair is paired with a matching coffee table, creating a refined conversation nook on your patio.

No outdoor space is complete without a place to gather and dine. The Fendi Casa outdoor collection offers the perfect solution with the Sagano table. This stunning piece features a bamboo frame that cradles a spacious table top, ideal for al fresco meals or entertaining.

A Fusion of Functionality and Elegance

The Fendi Casa outdoor furniture collection goes beyond aesthetics. The furniture is meticulously crafted to ensure lasting durability, with weather-resistant materials and construction techniques that can withstand the elements. The use of natural materials like bamboo offers inherent sustainability benefits, making the collection a conscious choice for eco-minded luxury consumers.

Beyond the Expected

Fendi Casa doesn’t just offer furniture – they offer a complete outdoor living experience. The brand’s commitment to detail extends to accessories like the Rio basket, a stylish and functional piece designed by Lissoni. Woven from natural fibers, the Rio basket adds a touch of casual elegance while providing a practical solution for storing outdoor essentials.

Fendi Casa Outdoor Furniture: The Last Word in Luxury Living

The Fendi Casa outdoor furniture collection is a testament to the brand’s dedication to timeless design and unparalleled craftsmanship. By blending natural materials with exquisite detailing, Fendi Casa offers a furniture collection that elevates your outdoor space into a luxurious sanctuary, perfect for unwinding or entertaining in style. With its focus on functionality and durability, the Fendi Casa outdoor collection allows you to experience the comfort and elegance of the Fendi brand, seamlessly extending your living space into the great outdoors.

Outland Living Outdoor Furniture

For many, the great outdoors beckons with the promise of relaxation, connection, and adventure. Yet, maximizing that enjoyment often requires the right tools. That’s where Outland Living steps in. This company, with a mission to “perfect outdoor living,” offers a curated selection of innovative products designed to enhance your time spent in nature.

A Passion for the Outdoors

Outland Living isn’t just a company selling products; it’s a team fueled by a genuine passion for spending time outdoors. Their core value revolves around creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for their customers, allowing them to truly connect with the natural world. This philosophy is evident in their meticulous product design, focusing on both functionality and aesthetics.

Fire Pits: The Centerpiece of Outdoor Gatherings

Outland Living’s expertise shines through in their collection of portable propane fire pits. These fire pits are a perfect illustration of the company’s commitment to quality and innovation. Constructed with durable, high-grade steel and boasting a protective enamel finish, they’re built to withstand the elements while providing years of enjoyment.

The focus on safety is paramount. Outland Living’s fire pits are CSA-approved, ensuring adherence to rigorous safety standards. This allows you to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a crackling fire in your backyard or on your patio, even during fire bans.

Beyond the Fire Pit: Expanding Your Outdoor Oasis

While fire pits are a signature product, Outland Living offers a wider range of outdoor essentials. Fire pit accessories, like protective covers and carrying kits, enhance convenience and longevity. They also have a selection of fire table accessories, suggesting the company might be expanding into this popular outdoor entertaining option.

Looking to add ambiance beyond the firelight? Outland Living offers torch accessories, hinting at a potential product line for those seeking a more permanent outdoor lighting solution.

Sustainability in Focus

Outland Living acknowledges the importance of enjoying the outdoors responsibly. While specific details about their sustainability efforts are currently limited on their website, their commitment to promoting outdoor living “in a safe, enjoyable and sustainable way” suggests a focus on products that minimize environmental impact.

This could include using recycled materials in their products or exploring eco-friendly fuel options for their fire pits. As consumer demand for sustainable practices grows, it will be interesting to see how Outland Living integrates these principles further into their offerings.

The Outland Living Experience

Outland Living’s commitment to quality extends beyond the products themselves. Their website offers a user-friendly shopping experience, and customer reviews on various retail platforms highlight their responsiveness and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Looking for inspiration for your next outdoor adventure? Outland Living might not have a dedicated blog or recipe section on their website just yet, but their social media presence could offer valuable insights. Here’s hoping they expand their online content to include tips and tricks for maximizing enjoyment of their products.

Outland Living: A Brand on the Rise

Outland Living is a company on the rise. With its focus on quality, innovation, and a genuine passion for the outdoors, they’re well-positioned to become a leading brand in the outdoor living space. Their commitment to safety and responsible enjoyment of nature resonates with eco-conscious consumers. As they expand their product line and explore opportunities to connect with customers through informative content, Outland Living is poised to help you create countless memories under the open sky.

Freedom Outdoor Furniture

The Australian climate practically begs for you to spend time outdoors. Whether it’s a weekend barbecue with friends or a relaxing evening under the stars, having a comfortable and stylish outdoor space is essential. Freedom Furniture emerges as a top contender in the Australian market, offering a comprehensive range of outdoor furniture to transform your backyard into a personal haven.

Extensive Selection for Every Space

Freedom boasts a vast collection of outdoor furniture, catering to any patio, balcony, or backyard size. You’ll find everything from sprawling outdoor lounge settings perfect for entertaining to intimate balcony sets for a quiet cup of coffee with a view. Their dedicated outdoor furniture section on their website [Freedom Furniture] allows you to browse through categories like:

  • Outdoor Sofa Packages: Create a luxurious outdoor living area with plush sofas, ottomans, and armchairs. Imagine sinking into these comfy cushions after a long day, enjoying the fresh air with a good book.
  • Outdoor Dining: Freedom offers a variety of dining settings, from intimate two-seater bistro sets to grand tables that can seat the whole family.
  • Individual Pieces: If you’re looking to add specific elements to your existing setup, Freedom has a wide range of outdoor armchairs, coffee tables, and accent tables to complete your vision.

Focus on Functionality and Style

Freedom understands that Australian outdoor furniture needs to be both stylish and durable. Their pieces are crafted from high-quality materials that can withstand the harsh Aussie sun and unpredictable weather. Wicker, powder-coated aluminium, and weatherproof fabrics are commonly used, ensuring your furniture looks great for years to come.

Aesthetics to Match Your Taste

Freedom caters to a diverse range of design preferences. Their outdoor furniture collection spans modern minimalistic styles to classic, Hamptons-inspired pieces. You’ll find a balance of clean lines and soft curves, allowing you to create an outdoor space that reflects your personal taste.

Comfort Reigns Supreme

At the end of the day, outdoor furniture should be comfortable. Freedom prioritizes plush cushions, supportive seating, and ergonomic designs. Their outdoor sofas and armchairs are built for relaxation, inviting you to unwind and soak up the sunshine.

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Freedom goes beyond just furniture; they offer a variety of outdoor décor options as well. Browse through their selection of outdoor rugs, cushions, throws, and planters to add personality and functionality to your space. String lights or a fire pit can further enhance the ambience, creating an inviting atmosphere for entertaining or quiet evenings under the stars.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Freedom’s user-friendly website allows you to filter furniture by material, price range, and even colour. This makes it easy to find pieces that fit your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, many Freedom stores have dedicated outdoor furniture sections where you can test out the furniture for comfort and style before you buy.

Sales and Special Offers

Freedom regularly runs sales and offers on outdoor furniture. This is a great way to score high-quality pieces at a discounted price. Be sure to check their website or sign up for their email list to stay updated on current promotions.


Transforming your backyard into a stylish and functional outdoor haven is easy with Freedom Furniture. Their extensive range, focus on quality and comfort, and diverse design options ensure you’ll find the perfect pieces to create your dream outdoor space. So, fire up the barbie, invite your friends and family over, and get ready to enjoy the great Australian outdoors in style and comfort, all thanks to Freedom Furniture.

Artiss Outdoor Furniture

For many Australians, their backyards are an extension of their living space. Whether it’s hosting summer barbecues or enjoying a quiet morning coffee surrounded by nature, creating an inviting outdoor area is key. Artiss furniture offers a compelling solution for those seeking stylish and functional outdoor furniture at accessible prices.

Modern Designs for Every Space

Artiss isn’t just about indoor furniture; they’ve carved a niche for themselves in the outdoor furniture market as well. Their collection boasts a focus on contemporary design, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic that complements modern homes beautifully.

Wicker and Rattan: A Touch of Elegance

A popular choice in Artiss’ outdoor furniture range is the use of wicker and rattan. This natural-looking material offers a touch of elegance while remaining surprisingly durable. Artiss offers wicker and rattan furniture in various configurations, from dining settings with comfortable chairs and sleek tables to conversation sets perfect for lounging with friends and family.

Aluminium: Built to Last

For those seeking a more industrial look, Artiss also features a range of aluminium furniture. This lightweight yet sturdy material is perfect for withstanding the Australian climate. Aluminium furniture is also easy to maintain, making it a great choice for busy households.

Comfort is Key

Artiss understands that outdoor furniture should be comfortable as well as stylish. Many of their pieces come with plush cushions, ensuring you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space for extended periods. The cushions are often weather-resistant, making them easy to maintain and suitable for year-round use.

Finding the Perfect Set for You

Artiss offers a wide variety of outdoor furniture sets to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you have a large patio perfect for entertaining or a cosy balcony ideal for intimate gatherings, you’re sure to find a set that complements your space.

Dining Sets: Enjoy al fresco meals with friends and family with Artiss’ outdoor dining sets. Choose from various sizes and configurations to accommodate your dining needs.

Lounge Sets: Relax and unwind with a cup of tea or a good book on a comfortable Artiss lounge setting. These sets often include sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables, creating a perfect conversation area.

Bistro Sets: For smaller spaces or intimate gatherings, Artiss offers charming bistro sets. These two or three-piece sets are ideal for enjoying a morning coffee or a quiet evening drink.

Sun loungers: Stretch out and soak up the sun on a comfortable Artiss sun lounger. Many come with adjustable backs and wheels for added convenience.

Affordability Without Compromise

One of the biggest advantages of Artiss furniture is its affordability. The brand offers high-quality pieces at competitive prices, making it possible to create a stylish outdoor haven without breaking the bank.

Shopping for Artiss Outdoor Furniture

Artiss furniture is available online through their website [Artiss] and at various retailers across Australia, including Bunnings Warehouse [Bunnings].

Before You Buy

While Artiss furniture offers excellent value for money, it’s always wise to consider your needs and the size of your outdoor space before making a purchase. Take measurements of your patio or balcony to ensure the furniture you choose will fit comfortably.

Taking Care of Your Artiss Outdoor Furniture

With proper care, your Artiss outdoor furniture will last for years to come. Most wicker and rattan pieces can be cleaned with soapy water and a soft brush. For aluminium furniture, a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth is usually sufficient. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific care details.


Artiss outdoor furniture presents an excellent option for Australians seeking to create a stylish and inviting outdoor space. With its focus on modern design, quality materials, and affordability, Artiss allows you to transform your backyard into an oasis you can enjoy all year round.

Zanui Outdoor Furniture

For Australians seeking stylish furniture and homeware, Zanui has become a household name. This online retailer offers a curated selection of pieces that cater to a variety of tastes and budgets, making it a one-stop shop for creating your dream home.

Founded in 2004, Zanui has carved a niche in the Australian market by providing a convenient and inspiring shopping experience. Their website boasts a user-friendly interface that allows you to browse by category, style, or even color. Whether you’re drawn to the clean lines of Scandinavian design or the warmth of mid-century modern, Zanui has something to suit your aesthetic.

A World of Furniture and More

Beyond just furniture, Zanui offers a comprehensive range of homeware essentials. From rugs and throws to lamps and artwork, you can find everything you need to bring your living space to life. Their commitment to quality extends beyond big-ticket items, ensuring a cohesive and stylish look throughout your home.

A Trend-Setter’s Paradise

Zanui stays ahead of the curve by constantly refreshing their collection with the latest trends. Their in-house design team curates a selection that reflects current styles while maintaining a timeless appeal. This ensures your home reflects your personality without feeling dated.

Inspiration at Your Fingertips

Not sure where to start? Zanui provides a wealth of inspiration to help you unlock your inner interior designer. Their website features curated looks showcasing how to style different pieces, along with blog posts offering tips and tricks for creating a harmonious living space. They even have a dedicated YouTube channel: Zanui YouTube channel filled with informative and visually appealing content.

The Benefits of Online Shopping

Shopping online with Zanui offers several advantages. Firstly, convenience is key. You can browse their extensive collection from the comfort of your couch, at any time of day. No more battling traffic or crowded showrooms! Additionally, Zanui frequently runs sales and promotions, allowing you to score great deals on stylish furniture and homeware.

Beyond the Furniture

Customer service is a priority for Zanui. Their team is readily available to answer any questions you may have, ensuring a smooth and stress-free shopping experience. They also offer flexible delivery options to get your new furniture right where you need it.

A Focus on Sustainability

In today’s environmentally conscious world, Zanui understands the importance of sustainable practices. They actively work with suppliers who share their commitment to responsible sourcing and minimizing their environmental impact. Additionally, many of their furniture pieces are crafted from recycled or sustainable materials.

The Final Verdict

Zanui has become a leading force in Australian furniture retail for good reason. Their extensive selection, commitment to quality and design, and focus on customer service make them a top choice for anyone looking to create a stylish and comfortable home. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or just starting out, Zanui offers the inspiration, tools, and furniture you need to transform your living space. So, next time you’re revamping your home, be sure to check out what Zanui has to offer. You might just discover your new favorite piece (or two)!

Setting Co. Outdoor Furniture

Choosing furniture is an essential part of creating a comfortable and inviting home. But with so many brands and styles available, it can be overwhelming to find pieces that perfectly reflect your taste and needs. This is where Setting Co. furniture steps in.

A Commitment to Quality and Comfort

Setting Co. stands out for its dedication to crafting high-quality furniture that is built to last. They use premium materials and construction techniques, ensuring their furniture can withstand everyday wear and tear. This commitment to quality is evident in the solid wood frames, durable upholstery fabrics, and meticulous attention to detail.

Comfort Reigns Supreme

Setting Co. prioritizes comfort alongside quality. Their furniture is designed with ergonomics in mind, offering exceptional support and luxurious seating experiences. Whether you’re looking for a plush sofa to sink into after a long day or a dining chair that provides ample back support for lingering meals with loved ones, Setting Co. has something for everyone.

A Style for Every Home

Setting Co. offers a diverse range of furniture styles to cater to various aesthetics. From classic and timeless designs to modern and contemporary pieces, there’s something to suit every taste. Here’s a glimpse into their design versatility:

  • Classic and Traditional: Setting Co.’s classic collections feature warm wood tones, rich fabrics, and timeless silhouettes. These pieces are perfect for creating a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere in your home.
  • Modern and Contemporary: Their modern offerings embrace clean lines, sleek profiles, and innovative materials. These pieces add a touch of sophistication and edge to your living space.
  • Transitional: For those who prefer a blend of classic and modern styles, Setting Co. offers transitional furniture that combines timeless elements with contemporary touches. This allows you to create a home that feels both stylish and inviting.

Beyond the Basics

Setting Co. goes beyond just sofas and armchairs. They offer a comprehensive collection of furniture to furnish your entire home, including:

  • Dining tables and chairs: Find the perfect set for hosting intimate gatherings or grand family dinners.
  • Bedroom furniture: Create a relaxing sanctuary with comfortable beds, stylish dressers, and nightstands.
  • Home office furniture: Design a productive and inspiring workspace with ergonomic desks, comfortable chairs, and functional storage solutions.
  • Occasional furniture: Add personality and functionality to your space with coffee tables, end tables, console tables, and bookcases.

Investing in Sustainability

Setting Co. recognizes the importance of environmental responsibility. They strive to use sustainable materials and practices whenever possible. This includes sourcing wood from responsibly managed forests and implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Setting the Stage for Your Dreams

Setting Co. furniture isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Their commitment to quality, comfort, style, and sustainability ensures you’ll find pieces that not only look beautiful but also provide lasting enjoyment. So, if you’re looking for furniture that will set the stage for your dreams, look no further than Setting Co.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re furnishing your first apartment or revamping your entire home, Setting Co. furniture offers a winning combination of quality, comfort, style, and sustainability. With their diverse range of products and commitment to creating beautiful and functional pieces, Setting Co. can help you transform your house into a home that reflects your unique style and provides a haven for relaxation and enjoyment.

Triton Outdoor Furniture

The name Triton in the furniture world evokes two distinct narratives. Delve into the past, and you’ll discover a once-thriving Brisbane manufacturer, Fred Tritton’s legacy. In the present, Triton takes on a new meaning, representing a contemporary Australian furniture store, Trit House.

Fred Tritton and his Furniture Empire (1886-1910)

Brisbane’s furniture scene in the early 20th century was significantly shaped by Fred Tritton. Starting as a second-hand dealer in 1886, Tritton’s ambition grew. By 1910, he had established himself as a prominent furniture manufacturer, with a flagship store on prime George Street frontage and a bustling distribution center near the Brisbane River.

Historical records indicate that Tritton’s furniture was known for its quality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. A 1929 newspaper article mentions a gold medal awarded to Tritton’s furniture, highlighting the beautiful and tasteful designs [Trove – National Library of Australia]. While details about specific furniture styles are scarce, it’s likely Tritton’s company catered to the popular trends of the era, which could have included Arts and Crafts or Edwardian designs.

Unfortunately, information on the lifespan of Fred Tritton’s furniture company is limited. However, his contribution to Brisbane’s commercial landscape remains undeniable.

Triton Reimagined: The Rise of Trit House (Present Day)

Fast forward to the present day, and the name Triton takes on a new life with Trit House, a designer furniture store with showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Established with a focus on offering exclusive furniture, homewares, and lighting, Trit House positions itself as a destination for those seeking high-quality, design-forward pieces for their homes.

Unlike its historical namesake, Trit House doesn’t manufacture its own furniture. Instead, they source a curated collection from established designers and brands. Their focus seems to be on contemporary and modern aesthetics, with an emphasis on clean lines, high-quality materials, and unique statement pieces like the APATO TRITON Side Table, known for its adaptability and craftsmanship [APATO].

While Trit House doesn’t directly connect itself to the legacy of Fred Tritton, there’s a certain intrigue in the shared name. It’s a reminder of how Brisbane’s furniture scene has evolved, from local manufacturing to a focus on curating pieces from a global design landscape.

Triton: A Legacy of Quality and Design

Whether you’re familiar with the historical Fred Tritton company or have come across the contemporary Trit House showrooms, the name Triton in Australian furniture carries a legacy of quality and design. Fred Tritton’s company established a reputation for excellence in a bygone era, while Trit House curates a vision for modern living spaces. While distinct in their approaches, both businesses demonstrate a commitment to enhancing Australian homes with style and functionality.

McIntyre Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your living space, finding the perfect pieces that blend style, comfort, and durability can be a challenge. McIntyre Furniture steps up to the plate, offering a range of furniture options tailored to meet the needs of discerning homeowners. Whether you’re drawn to modern aesthetics or possess a penchant for timeless classics, McIntyre Furniture has something for every taste.

A Look at Two McIntyre Furniture Businesses

The McIntyre furniture name appears in connection with two distinct businesses, each catering to a different market and geographic location. Let’s delve into each one:

  • McIntyre Furniture, LLC (Bellevue, WA): Established in Bellevue, Washington, this family-run business caters to a local clientele. While details about their specific offerings are limited online, their focus on personalized service and potentially custom-made furniture positions them as a great choice for those seeking unique pieces.
  • Modern Home Furniture (Sunshine North, VIC, Australia): Located in Melbourne’s Sunshine North suburb, Modern Home Furniture appears to be the larger of the two businesses. With a focus on modern furniture, they offer a wide selection, including sofas, armchairs, dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, and more. Their website showcases a variety of contemporary designs, along with detailed product descriptions and pricing information.

Modern Comfort from Down Under

While the information available about the American McIntyre Furniture is limited, let’s explore the offerings of Modern Home Furniture in Australia in more detail. Their website paints a clear picture of their dedication to modern furniture that prioritizes both style and comfort.

Here are some key aspects that define Modern Home Furniture’s approach:

  • Modern Design Aesthetic: Their furniture boasts clean lines, sleek finishes, and a focus on functionality. This makes their pieces well-suited for contemporary homes and apartments.
  • Comfort at the Forefront: Despite the modern aesthetic, their furniture prioritizes plush cushions, supportive seating, and ergonomic designs, ensuring exceptional comfort for everyday use.
  • Affordability: Modern Home Furniture offers furniture at competitive prices, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious homeowners seeking quality pieces.
  • Variety of Options: Their website showcases a wide selection of furniture for every room in your house, allowing you to furnish your entire home with a cohesive modern look.

Beyond the Showroom: Additional Considerations

When considering McIntyre Furniture, or any furniture store for that matter, it’s essential to keep a few additional factors in mind:

  • Customer Reviews: While online reviews for Modern Home Furniture are limited, checking Google My Business or other online review platforms can provide valuable insights from past customers about their buying experience and the quality of the furniture.
  • Delivery and Assembly: Modern Home Furniture’s website doesn’t explicitly mention delivery and assembly services. Inquire about these options and any associated costs before making a purchase.
  • Warranty Information: Understanding the warranty offered on the furniture is crucial. A good warranty protects you in case of defects or manufacturing issues.

Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Home

McIntyre Furniture presents two potential options for furnishing your home. If you reside in the Bellevue, Washington area and seek potentially custom-made pieces with personalized service, then McIntyre Furniture, LLC might be worth exploring.

For those in Melbourne seeking a wider selection of modern furniture at competitive prices, Modern Home Furniture offers a compelling selection with a focus on both style and comfort.

Regardless of which McIntyre Furniture you choose, remember to consider factors like customer reviews, delivery options, and warranty information before finalizing your purchase. By doing your research and understanding the specific offerings of each business, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect furniture pieces to elevate your living space.